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Scrutinize Magento advancement services at MATIC TECHNOLOGIES and stay at the top with other competitors. We offer top of the line Magento development outsourcing services with numerous store administration and retailing, progressed analytics, awesome format structure, multi-site usefulness, different deposit portals and CMS

Introduction : Magento 2 a new version of the platform promises a lot of new features and components that have all the chances to play a key part in the development of e-commerce market. Magento 2 basically retains all of the good aspects of its predecessor. It focuses more on making the CMS more user-friendly to users who are not too tech-savvy, as well as modernizing the entire platform, making it more mobile-friendly and amenable to third-party collaborations and integration.

Features : Magento 2 have many features which will be very useful in developing and which we are having experts in this field :

  •  Utilization Of Advanced Web Technologies : Dissimilar to the previous version of Magento, the version 2.0 will be utilizing contemporary programming languages like PHP 5.4, PHP 5.5., HTML5, CSS and {less}. Furthermore, this most recent Magento will be supporting all modern coding standards.Magento 2 is compatible with Zend Framework and it also extends support for MSSQL, Oracle and other databases.
  •  The New Level Of Flexibility : With a new structure of modules the new Magento 2 has a much better flexibility in terms of development. The high code coupling in combination with a component oriented structure allows developers to various segments including CMS, client, checkout, deals, inventory, and significantly more. In Magento 2, it is conceivable to disable or enable each segment and in the meantime to keep the code base clean.
  • Testing Friendly Environment : Magento 2 is 100% testing friendly. It includes a perfect testing structure intended to perform: Static Tests, Performance Tests, Unit Tests, Legacy and Migration Tests, Integration Tests and JavaScript Unit Tests.
  •  Service Contracts : Service Contracts is another essential element of Magento 2, which depends on set of various PHP Interfaces. The component improves and simplifies the utilization of APIs for different modules. With Service Contracts, developers will get another method for working with open API endpoints.
  •  New File Structure : Magento 2 accompanies a totally new document structure. There is no base theme any longer and all the base perspectives are in the module structure. Developers now face significantly less issues while creating custom Magento themes.
  •  Elimination Of Components and Modules : Magento 2.0 gives advance payment choices. The new form of config.xml file is lessened by more than 20%, thus developers can offer customizable solutions within less time.

Our Support And Services

  •  Magento Troubleshooting & Bug Fixing : Our skilled Magento developers at MATIC TECHNOLOGIES give an immidiate solution for all your Magento troubleshooting issues. We deal with your ecommerce site troubleshooting and bugs so you can concentrate on the essential issues of maintaining your business and expanding primary concern results!
  • Themes Integration & Modification : Changing or upgrading the look of your site just got simpler with MATIC TECHNOLOGIES. We provide adept services in Magento Themes Integration and Modification.
  • Optimization & Performance Tuning : Even if your site has ideal design and exclusive custom functionality, your store should also be as fast as possible to satisfy Google speed standards and your clients accessibility. Our expert Magento team will help you optimize performance of your website.
  • Magento UpgradesIf you are not able to upgrade your Magento store, we the team of MATIC TECHNOLOGIES are here to help you and redesign your present Magento which is been established. So that you can concentrate on your business and can save the more time.
  • Magento Integration : The developers in MATIC TECHNOLOGIES are experts in improving Magento stores like Amazon, eBay and other Ecommercial websites with a quality output. We analyze your business needs and promote which will help to expand incomes and ease of use of your site.

Contact me for your Magento2  development Need , I will get assure you that the project will be delivered within the specified time frame and will be better than your expectation.

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